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The Demise of Mack the Crow

Among the pet birds I had kept
was Mack the crow, a scrawny stray;
he viewed our house as his domain
and pestered Auntie Rue all day.

Her Spaniel lived in constant fear
when birdbrain Mack was on the loose;
he chased that pooch through every room
and oft bit him in the caboose.

Auntie Rue once boiled some eggs for lunch
when frisky Mackie saw his chance
to perch upon the salad bowl
and squawk, then do a little dance.

“Get out of here, you darn ol’ bird!”
She tried to catch that silly crow;
he looked at her with beady eyes
and cawed defiantly, “No; No!”

“Bad crow, get out of here, right now,”
she cried, by now in righteous rage,
“Scat! move along, you dirty bird,
get back at once inside your cage!”

She chased that--oh, so naughty crow--
bad luck would have it, as it might,
right through the open kitchen door--
poor Mack soared out just like a kite,

toward the hawk perched on a pole.
A screech and then the briefest squawk . . .
one single crow that’s tamed by man
cannot prevail against a hawk.

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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Not Explicit Content


to life poem. Yeah, a wild crow might have had a chance, but not a tame one. We have flocks of crows hereabout, and they are wily tough birds. I've seen three or four of them chase the feral cats in the neighborhood when the crows wanted something they had. Nice rhyming, and the tempo wasn't bad either. ~ Geez

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yep, that it is; similarly, we have mockingbirds that are quite territorial, to the extent that they may attack dogs on the leash or cats, and reportedly, coyotes. Our residential mockingbird sings during the night and mimics various bird sounds as he flits from one corner of the yard to the other. Thanks for the comment, much appreciated. Note: I must apologize for posting so much. I will back off and give others a chance. Jerry

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