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Dear Devon (and Various Others)

I am so sorry I broke up with you because I'm gay.
I feel like no one deserves that.

dear tiha
I wish we were closer.
maybe we still would be if I was never banned from neo.

dear dad
thanks for understanding my problems with mom.
but no thanks for being a butt sometimes.

dear mom
I understand that you don't get my passions and you don't like my music.
you don't have to.
you just have to try to accept it.

dear Richie
thank you for holding my hand and teaching me about god.
I didn't believe a word you said the next day
but in the moment I felt very loved.

dear veronica
thank you for teaching me not to become too dependent.
i'm sorry I had to learn from your pain.

dear alexis
i'm sorry devon smokes weed sometimes, but you're dating him now
and you might want to build that bridge and get on over.
i'm sorry he's probably still a terrible French kisser.

dear maeve
i'm sorry i'm gross to you sometimes
but I can help being a lesbian about as much as I can help being your sister.
i'm glad you're coming around though.

dear moose
i'm sorry I don't like you some days
but you can be really fucking annoying for a huge seven year old boy.
in any case I love you anyway.

dear mr. mcglynn
you made me play gym with no shoes on and I sprained my foot
therefore you are a douche.

dear parents
exposing kids to diversity makes them accepting
not black, Asian, gay, Mexican, or un-innocent.

dear westboro Baptist church
I am picketing your funerals.

dear American soldiers
I will never blame you for the wars you fight.
thank you for your sacrifice.

dear government
I will always blame you ignorant fucks
for sending kids off to war.

dear Emily
I love you.

dear Ashley
i'm sorry Jeffrey's death hit you so hard.
I have always wanted to be your friend.

dear hunter
thank you for rubbing my temples in trig
and saying goosfrabaaaa.
somehow I was less angry.

dear sinny
thanks for being my food buddy in drama
I don't know what I would've done without your dinners.

dear mom
I know you still don't get it but thank you for being strong.
I love you.

dear governer Cuomo
i don't know if you could change anything but
the fuck are you doing with the school system dude?

dear ava
I miss you a lot sometimes.
thanks for being there.

dear mrs. Lawson
thank you for making me look deeper
I think you might have changed my life.

dear Jeffrey
i'm sorry we were never friends.
even so I think you listen when I talk to you.

dear mr. o'connel
fuck you.
that is all.

dear society
thank you for having some good people.
you need to work on accepting everyone though.

dear Shelby
your selfies make me uncomfortable
but you're a pretty cool person so I guess it's okay.

dear alexis,
i'm glad devon has you.
I think you're a nice-ish person and he deserves that.

dear aunt kerin
control is not everything and I am not four
but I love you anyway and I will always be your Doodles.

dear razors
the only good thing that comes from you
is less body hair.
I hope you regret all the blood.

dear lighters
skin is not meant for you.
leave it alone.

dear anxiety
stop it.

dear steve
i'm sorry you're such a dickbag.
i'm sorry you're my father.

dear dad
thank you for being my dad
because you're too good to even compare to steve.
thank you for being my only man.

dear Emily
words cannot explain what you mean to me
and the rest of the world.

dear anyone who read this
i'm sorry it was so long.

dear anyone I missed
i'm sorry I missed you.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
getting some things off my chest. i'll probably add onto it.
Editing stage: 


A line or two.

Sorry life I forgot to live you
Those other bastards clouded my view.
I forgot Me and will try and re see
The love inside from which I cannot hide.
I hope most of your words were fiction as they ring of not being the real you, Take care and know we are here, Yours Ian.T
PS:- this would have been better as a Blog then it would have given a few time to suggest changes then to stream as a poem ??

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

if any or all of these things are true or not. I felt the emotion pouring out from you. It was good. I do care that someone has to feel like this though. It is a real shame that society in general doesn't know how to deal with anyone who is different. Too bad for them. Just be who you are. You are fine! ~ Gee

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There's nothing that at sometime, somewhere hasn't been said before, but by no means does it guarantee those words were heard...or understood. I understood everyone of them and I'm not in that poem! Get'em girl!

although some things don't exactly apply to me (I don't have anxiety nor have I ever used a razor or lighter for anything other than their intended purposes) it is all factual. thank you for your concern, and your support :)

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