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As darkness clouds the earth,
Papa soil seeks a space
To grow his grains,
But no light in the south nor north.

Blindness binds the eyes
Of the mama manure,
Not to see the tiny seeds
With the nitty-gritty of the future.

Greediness feeds the tender green
Plants in the fallow field.
Ignorantly the fig lost its grin
To the modern cultural values & deeds.

Shamelessly the shrubs
Dance to beats of naked fashion
Played by the dumb & numb
Branches of the fake flowers of civilization.

What a pity!
The lilies fall for little lies.
Soon, the sun shall scorch the soil's integrity
Because it sold out its tradition, ways & styles.

Written by:
Poroye Ezekiel Tobiloba (POET)
Palace of Exclusive Thoughts
[email protected]

Style / type: 
Free verse
Editing stage: 


verse 1 2nd line {seek} ad an s seeks
4 verse
danced etc perhaps this would work better dance to the beat etc etc
what I am reading is difficult to interpret only because of the language used you may mean one thing but I see something else no fault of yours as you are translating from yours I presume into english no insult intended

Let your mercy spill on all these burning hearts in hell(Leonard Cohen)

Thanks China Blue. Actually this poem speaks of my country (Nigeria) & most black nations that lost their core values to civilization....

author comment
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