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Dance me in a circle
hold me in your arms
wrapped in white.
Listen to the music
hold me tight
Dance me gently to the other side.
Keep the devil behind us
and let my soul take flight.

Editing stage: 


A grand write, things are hard at the moment as you seem as most do to be trying to work out what lays beyond the Now.
There I have been told and have been shown is just energy and love, if only the physical beings that crawl the Earth would learn of this place.
Then they would adapt their lives to make it the same here, but we have that physical touch and lots of things to learn here also that cannot be learned other than in a physical world.
I am sorry that I cannot change things in anyway and your writing is great that you tell us of these things,
Yours, as always Ian.T
The Lady in the black cloths sits on a park bench just waiting???

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

I like the first three lines. the ending of the poem could use a little tweaking, but I love the concept. it's very pretty :)

nice job,


surely indicates
you will continue to dance..
all the best compose as long as you can
your legacy to

I write only to keep my mind sharp, I do what all of us do to make the quality of life at the least bearable,.

author comment

twills best
as it helps us keep in control of ourselves
all the best

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