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d e t r i m u s I n t r i ca te

Shelter oils
Violet night
all empty the
shade of waiting
Enthropic echoes

Await hypnotic
breath drawn weariness
sleek and rough borne
Basking in lurid tranquil

Sleek silhouettes
In morn cast pirhouttes

Editing stage: 


This one felt a little disjointed it was like a slide show of images one thing ? your last word [pirhouttes]pirouettes ?

Its not one of my favourites of yours but I can see where you were taking it I would work on this one some more

love and respect JC xxx

p.s. I looked up your title and for the life of me I cant find out what it means can you help enlighten a lost cause lol smile

("Always and Forever") - (Never lose a holy curiosity.-Albert Einstein)

indeed..this is translation of thought visual cue...
im using an android phone these days
very nice....a gift of xmas past....

its a completely different format

usually i avoid phones like this because of
the rather detracting thing of how people
love to pick this up....(professional personas)
for tracking purpose and other...

so be it...i must embrace the new world order
of such things...

but in studying this world that all or most are
connected to literally at the hip case..
pun intended
i am rethinking in a format like everyone else
and thus studying the babits of social humanity

becoming the animal

this is just random clips
header stack basically
like a code poem for my
head that i will remjember
and come back here
in months years
to re inject in my stream
of conciousness

the title is a bastardization of

Detrius.....dust....bits and oodles
of rubble....etc.....

intimate was the remaining faction

how in leaving or arriving
there are the baggage
and sentimental and purposeful
notations....symbols and carry ons

lived for a time here and there
ran apartments
cleaned places etc..

and ran light...
now heavy
too much..
but that is the slender
and fat of excursions

thank you

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