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come to you
pouring like lashed thoughts
hot cedar sweats in steam rooms
tears of a dove falling
like the cloistered frost tanks steam

a hiss in sleep
gathered like a white wound
the bow of wings
in a shroud
while snowflakes nestle

the dark brows like shadows
neath a trestle
usher rush starts
like water
turning in its thoughts

in the cold
secure as the band
of gold

Editing stage: 


some work for me, the more grounded, eg a hiss in sleep others don't eg tears of dove, too symbolist and melodramatic. also the rhymed ending seemed a little pat,
still it cracks along,
nice to read poems set in winter white, nearly short shorts summer here.

Winter is not quite here
but arriving one day
"Winter White" I like that

thank you

author comment

I poke my head in after six long months, just to peek at what's happening, and...
...caught again in timelessness.
I'd forgotten the effect your words have on me.
I think I'll write some more myself, now.
Thank you for such beauty.

Respectfully, Race

"Laws and Rules don't kill freedom: narrow-minded intolerance does" - Race-9togo

nice to see you again Jim
looking forward to reading your work

Thank You!

author comment

So delicate, like snowflakes...dancing images. 'Cloistered'...fabulous word. Taken as a whole, the idea of cynical words, hot and angry are tempered by the coolness and clarity of nature. Your poetry moves me. I have an emotional response to it.

'Betty' aka Ellie

I know poets throughout the eons have too
Its in the poetry here
the walks written of by many
that I read

up here one cannot miss it
our urban forests
the creeks left open and not
covered over with false tubes
to gain extra ground space

When I was and or am angry
I tend to slow down
to cool down

look aside and then I see
the things I need to see
that are right there anyway all

Its like the natural ability to write
I can flush it and try to keep up
by match it and I always
ended up falling

had to fall a lot to eventually get it
to master that
which I have now

I am moved by your words Betty
one has to have an intellectual capacity
for recieving the understanding of a work
and then the social calm earned
probably or perhaps by the calamity of
white waters

trial by fire

Thank you Ellie!

author comment

Your words weave through our hearts and souls
drawing us into your world, your imagery is stunning


love JC x

“The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.” — W.B. Yeats

Well I am an artist...just a sketchy kind of fellow (ha ha)
I am happy Jayne that you still find my poems worthy
I remember the old Neopoet times..thank god there are archives
and they put them up.Damned nice people here!

If I feel Im going to write I want it to be something unique and
interesting to remain with the reader
thats just me...Like my sketchs I put something original
and of myself into them

perhaps as you write of your heart
and your soul
I put that into my poetry too

Thank You very much JC

author comment
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