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Listen to our menu option as they might have changed
Stupid automated system after call goes through
I grit my teeth, hope for the best but start to feel deranged
No option really fits my needs so I just punch two.

Which sends me to yet other options, anger building quick
So I push zero five fast times(I was told that that works)
Damned system instead cuts me off...they can suck my dick!
But I try all over again to try and reach those jerks.

Patience runs thin as I go through the whole damned thing again
taking almost fifteen minutes then I'm put on hold
While waiting for a human I think things which are all a sin.
At last a person comes on line approximately 4:30 A. M.

Says her name is Salley but accent says that's not true
so I s l o w l y tell her what I need, she transfers me to him
His answer machine takes the call telling me what to do
You see he's just left for the day but he'll get back to me

So I calm my voice and start to speak
my countenance fearful to see
halfway through I hear a "click"....What The FreaK?!?

Can it be we've reached the place
where nobody actually answers a phone?
I carefully put receiver back in place
While inside I want to break some bones.

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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I'd like to say I'm glad to have hit a familiar target but I'd prefer it if this problem was rare lol. Thanks for the visit

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