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The Cult Of Red Hair

I am Pre-Raphaelite
I am enigma
I am hair aflame
I am alabaster of skin
I am mistress
I am muse
I am Bohemian
I am personification of lust
I am sexually released
I am unforgetable

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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I quite like this poem. And isn't Lizzy Siddell (Rossetti and Millais' model) believed to be a redhead. I think I should be reading more of your poems.


Very perceptive. Yes, you should read more of my I should read more of yours. Quid pro quo.

Ells :)

author comment

Well I only have the one poem poem on this site. Maybe I should post more. I have a great fondness for the preraphaelites so maybe thats part of the reason I like this poem of yours. Also it should be remmembered that Lizzie Siddel was also a painter and poet in her own right though she learned from Rossetti I'm fonder of her poems than his. There goes that old story that he threw his poems into her uncovered grave then went back a week later (or so) to retrieve them. Thats what I heard anyway.


Know you have spoilt months of trying to work out just what you are or who you are with this "I Am" there are probably many things that you have missed out..
Whatever happened to:- Argumentative/Timid depending on whom I'm speaking to. Acid wit, honed by sarcasm. Could be intellectual if I wasn't so lazy. Could be rich if I wasn't so lazy....see the theme developing here? Could be a good writer, If I wasn't...
Now Melton Mowbray just down the road makes the best Porky Pies, not the ones made in Hampshire..
Really I am not a fan of "I am" is it a bad typo for Ian, or a few repeated things they seem to drag down the write..
Not my cup of tea but persevere with me as I is old lol,
Yours "Ian".T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Dalton was close to the's about Lizzie Siddell (the clue was "pre-raphaelite")

However, we do have things in common....just not telling you what! LOL

Ells x

author comment

I is old and know nothing about Pre Rap Ha Elite, is they like mnm or dizzy rascal they is all off my shopping list but lyst he is near the bottom as well. lol.
We will watch out for those common perfections we share young lady, it is so good to have someone share in a perfect being La La.
Yours as always Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

I'm not so well read as to pick up hints referring to other poets so I guess I'll just have to pretend there are none and that I didn't read preceeding comments lol. For some reason when I see a poem which keeps repeating "I am...." I expect the writer to reveal contrasts which reflect the complexity of human personalities ie. :
I am a lover
I am a father
I am still a flaming youth
I am a grandfather....................But this poem of yours is a pleasant read...............stan

That is how rude I can be. Pretty much the maximum.
Now, to the poem. I did not look at only this before I commented. I looked at a number of your works. You are minimalist to say the least, but not "out there". There is a logical direction you ascertain, though not clear.
I chose this one to pick on because I liked the direction. I can almost stand in the museum and see the work you drew from. One piece and then another, one room and then just barely the next. It didn't take far to know where you were and where you walked to.
Your language is evocative. Can you expand? You will have to forgive me (or not), but I'm kinda beat up right now and feeling confrontational. Personally, I think YOU can take it. Can you produce something a little more traditional? A little less? Wanna join a workshop?
You might just have something interesting to offer if you could spare the time.
Yeeees, I'm being a little pushy, but that's what happens when you get strapped to a bed with two broken casts, a hole in your lung and waaaaaay too much opiate for a normal man's good.
Your poetry (not this, but the other stuff... yes I read it all) tells me you might be curious about sharing a workshop with some other lunatics. I guarantee I will be there so if you want to ream me in public about being rude, I will take it with a smile... if only to get you there.
"Originality" is the workshop I'm speaking of. It's barely getting started and I (personally) would like you to attend. Not just as an add-on. I'd like very much for you to bring this (see above) and make it a little bit of a spectacle. I made it a point to say that originality is "impossible" and I still believe this to be true, however.... I did read your other works....
Anyway... think of it.

W. H. Snow

A poet is a nightingale, who sits in darkness and sings to cheer its own solitude with sweet sounds. Percy Bysshe Shelley

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Long time no comment....and then this!

I agree, 'originality' is a rare commodity. However, even scientists acknowledge that ground-breaking, 'original' thoughts are built on previous ideas & works. How could poetry be truly original? The forms and metres have all adapted over time...think the sagas, the sonnets...even freeform (which I LOVE, I LIKE spare, MINIMALIST...I LIKE distilation...can't personally bear wordy, narrative, showy-off verbage!) But original? Maybe if you could see words in colours or smells, that would be a first!

The rows I've had with Weirdelf (bless him) over form, lexis, blah blah....and how lazy I am etc etc...I really don't care. Over-analysis of my work is pretty pointless...yes, you can critique lexis or form....but the meaning is MY VIEW. The essence is lost with others meddling their intellect with mine.

I have other things in my life which give me joy...I don't need the validation . I took a deliberate turn with my style a year or so ago....I wanted to float lots of different influences into the mix, so maybe it does appear that my works are directionless. However I content, that I'm still developing an 'original' style.

Flattered you commented though, I respect you greatly.

Ells x

author comment
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