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Choices stare me in the face
And I’m too young to choose
Different roads to win the race
And such a lot to lose…

We’re all looking for the answers
We’re all trying to find our way
And though my mind is set on leaving
My heart still wants to stay…

Is this the time I’ve waited for?
Can this be all, or is there more?
Is this the time, must I
Pass through that door?
Is this the time I’ve waited for…

My five years summer’s turned to fall-
And will there be no tears at all?
Will I be missed? Will you
Even know that I’ve gone?
Will I be just one more passer-on?

Is this the time for parting songs?
We’ve known each other for so long:
Are you gonna cry, or are you-
Are you gonna be strong?
Do we say Goodbye, or just So Long?

And, do you remember Atom Bombs?
And toilet doors?
And smoldering knees?
And plans of floors?
And dotting trees?
And sleepless nights?
And falling in love?
And unmade beds?
And that’s enough
To make me cry,
Because I find
Because I find
That I’m too young
For memories…
Even these… even these…
Do you remember?
Do you remember?
Do you remember?
Oh, do you remember…

Architecture students may, hopefully, still recognise some of the references in the last verse...

If you'd like tohear this as a song, simply click on the link below:

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Thank you for taking the time to read and bookmark this.
Pleased it seems to have struck a chord with you.
I look forward to your thoughts on this song if you do get back to it at some point..


author comment

I guess you were the first on Neopoet to read / hear this song some time ago.
Thank you for your kind words then and again today.
Appreciate your taking the time again to listen to this.

author comment

Thank you for taking the time to read and comment.

The Heart indeed does have its reasons that Reason does not understand... and partings have an effect on the heart that may sometimes be difficult to fathom.... as this song indicates.

Stay well,


P.S. Am glad you seem to be finding an improvement in your ability to control your typing.

author comment

Thank you. Am pleased this one resonated with you, particularly the sung version.

This was about the confusion of leaving college after 5 years of friendships and bonding and wondering whether ones passage through MEANT anything..."Will I be just one more passer on?"


author comment

If I knew then......... It's one of the main tragedies in life that so many choices have to be made by those too young to choose wisely........kudos...........................scribbler

Interestingly, tho even we may have felt we were pushed out into the world semi prepared, the reality is that we found our way somehow.
Maybe that's a bit like baby birds being pushed out of the nest... You learn to fly.

Thank you for reading and commenting


author comment


as you know I been to your music site and listened, to about of all of them now, some many times through. I have been waiting for you to post this one...and after all my waiting...I obviously missed it!

This is my favourite song of yours. You change the tempo and vocal range a lot on this one to wonderful effect.

Some of your songs are simply poems sung gently to an acoustic guitar...done bloody well by the way, but it is this one I feel shows your musical and vocal talent.

I am going to say no more other than - majestic!



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Thank you for your words of praise.That is very kind of you.This song obviously has a special place in my heart, as those five year were certainly amongst the best years of my life, and one was very sorry to see them end...

"My five years summer's turned to fall
And will there be no tears at all?"

Thanks again forlistening and commenting and for your continued support.


author comment
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