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Crimson Squid of a Cimmerian Sea

Crimson Squid of a Cimmerian Sea,
You Hide Your Habitation
From us Voyeurs of Fields, to Vacate
A Society of Ambiverted Souls
For one of Solitary Folk,
Sparse From one Another, Free and Atypical.

With Caliginous Waters Circumjacent,
Your Negative Yolk Nauseates
Those Without a Tartarean Wittiness.
Covert Romantic Causes Repute
Of a Bitter, Obdurate Bohemian.
Though Sardonic, Truculent, and Sharp,
In Sombre Idiosyncrasy you Shock.

Peopling a Starry Pelagic Space,
Rebellious Cast, Rejecting Control,
You Challenge Your Contemporaries
With a Contending, Warring Constitution.
Withdrawn, Aberrant, Wry, Aggressive,
You are Irregular, Your Identity
Incoherent With Itself, you Wry
Scarlet Cephalopod of Sable Cosmos.

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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..welcome to the best poetry site this side of the Black Sea...


. like my lost dreams...the flood

looking forward to reading more of your work here!

my reading of e.e.cummings shows indiscriminate usage of capitalization and punctuation, and I found some of his "caution to the winds" approach to be disconcerting, and distracting to the poem I was reading.

Why Do You Use So Many capitals?

I like the addition of one line to each succeeding stanza. I think the first Stanza and third stanza go together more. The second stanza seems a bit out of place in this piece.

I am not a Creative Writing higher education sort. So, value my advice as much as you paid for it... Ha!

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The capitalization distinguishes the alliterative, major words of the poem from the minor words such as 'to', 'of', etc. It also highlights the alliteration. CSCS, YHYH, FVFV, etc.

author comment

That says it.
Sorry. I Should Have Said That Says It, Shouldn't I?

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