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Creation of Shahenda

I am partly the moon
From the radiance of the sun

I am partly the earth
From the quenching of the rain

I am partly the sun
From the gravitation of the Galaxy

I am partly the water
From the winds of the atmosphere

I am partly the plant
From the photosynthesis of light

I am partly the daughter
From a father unknown

I am partly the sister
From siblings of others

I am partly the wife
From the desires of other

I am partly the maid
From the needs of gaggle

I am partly the chief
From the lust of taste

I am partly the painter
From the scenes that haunt me

I am partly green
From the found object collages created

I am partly the word
From the poetry I weave

I am partly myself
From the world around me

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I appreciate moderate constructive criticism
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I read this as the story of "Everywoman".

All too often one does not appreciate the multiple roles she plays in her life and in that of those around her...

Thank you for reminding us with this beautiful short poem.

I enjoyed reading this...


where are you, Ellenelizabeth?

Neopoet Directors

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