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a coyote bleak

flesh of gold
the rain and the sour waffles
melts in progeny, delve deep
feline black suede embellished
waters who watches stick
the colours of a greyhound

a weaker flesh
fancy each ripeness
dragoon the eye of all coyote's
stone on the skies
in float of rainbows translucent

flesh is bread
and blood is wine
glitz in the meridian
stark darkness, hunger!
sacred hearts, born not of tame
paint turmoil passes;
slim curvatures of green gases
now, diabolic excavation

Editing stage: 


a slower pace and more transcending feel
from your earlier startling lines
There is a mixing in your words and line
metaphors I feel in this modern poem
from your older works.

The Coyote feel of this..with some guterral
refrences...Feline..coyotes eat cats tame
or wild and they Are feline looking
swift as a cat...Larger then a fox..
the "stick" mention is woods...
brush...forest...I feel..
or interpret..

weaker flesh as dazzling
not strong and dull colored

the rest fantastic
"glitz" word...great use
and the action of the use
of Gases in metaphor

Coyote is trickster

I Like your work Emeka

Thank You!

thank you, the stick is metaphorical, and the placement there is quite transfigured to mean more than its capacity to be mere wood , but that the rainbows how they stick to clouds

author comment

I knew this meant far more then mere woods....I can see the we associate
that color with its granite although we have much red is beneath out
surface.....we have blue clay too..and white clay..perfect for ancient art
that hardly a few progress in...Rainbows stick to clouds....Its perfect...we have a bridge abutement
nearby the kids paint....a nuetral color enough and the put on this livid show...I can see this
as the rainbow too..... Color..Hope..Miracle..Light..Magic...Thank You!

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