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A couple of Mother's Day poems


To All Motherless Children on Sunday

Let's take our fondest
memory, and walk with
her once more.
Follow the lilac, peony or
cherry blossom scents
then close the front door.


For Helen.


To All Childless Mothers

I noticed you were crying
in the corners of your eyes.
No words willing to escape
from my breath can ever
match your agony. Mother
recreated in her image
by the foolishness of men;
your child
an accident of colour, time and place
on the street where you live.

are words made of sulfur
and ash.

Blessed be your sorrow.
Blessed by your womb.

The Pietà trembles.

Editing stage: 


Loved the theme, there are though a few that have sad/bad memories of these lovely ladies of the world, though I say to them, just live inside your Mother for one day.
Feel the life they lived and then realise that the life they gave you was a precious gift to you so use it wisely..
Words:- I always try to avoid the use of Scents, to me it is a cheap word, where perfume gives it body and another dimention..
Lovely to see you writing young Lady, Take care out there, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

Happy Mothers Day
to all moms across the globe
the internet
Hope for all married
yet to become mothers
those in line with boy friends too
may a Happy Mother
soon become all of you..


Liked the first one better than the second (Hmmm..........maybe that bit of rhyme? lol) but both clearly get the message across..............stan

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