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Coming Soon!!!

Coming Soon!!!
Scripted boldly.
Cannot avoid.
Simply tempting.

Coming Soon!!!
Act now!
Call in the next
Arbitrary minutes!

Promised virtues.
Varying wonders.
Prayers begging for inspired
Vivid access.

Today has bored me, him, and her.
We have miracles to yawn over and sour.
Tomorrow undoubtedly will be better.
Without any of the bitter doubters.

Yester’s breakthrough diluted.
Classic be damned.
You seek product providence,
Coupled with brand.

Coming Soon!!!

Buy the whole damn shelf now or be
Doomed to miss out on our obsession.
Because frankly there are no good
Deals for shoppers that ask a pesky question.

Coming Soon!!!
Superbly masking.
Consistency blooms
Severed at budding.

Professors of the steadfast
Preaching to brainless voids.
Proponents of the ignorance
Pummeled for using their voice.

Forget your long loyal.
Toss out all aging loves.
Fermented past perfection
Threatens this fleeting passion.

Was well established is beaten with
Jokes and slander.
Who has bigger coins shall
Join the sparkle standard.

Coming Soon!!!

Elbow grease fails when
Slick itself will win
Even among sound ideals
Somber near their ignoble end.

Editing stage: 


I wonder what he should have done with this one, "god that is".
But as a mere mortal it was confusing to read and though the words were strung together like buntings they failed to convey the picture to me.
I shall wait for you to come back to me on this one..
Some of the lines were very good and expressive and would enhance a good poem, Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

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