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Come Back!

Last night I was leaving
the dance floor
I suddenly realised
what would happen
to you for sure

I fell off to slumber
counting the days of living number
later fell into deeper isolation
if you know what it meant.

Early morning my normal
waking up signal failed
lights were off
'twas darkness

I did not know who and why
folks were pulling me
they wanted me upstairs
else I should give up my wealth.

Not much though I had
but they all thought
I was just fooling
then someone did
catch my throat

I yelled
Security, Security,
none listened

I was in the midst of the storm
when someone woke me
come back
Big Daddy
I perplexedly did
(Dream poem)

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
The fear of the unknown Death could be and some one composed a poem ''Playing with Angels'' I had last read on Neo had a malfeasance impact perhaps
Editing stage: 


I like your poem.
some of the expressions seems a little strange to me. For example, "someone did my throat catch". I am not sure what it means. someone was trying to chock you?


choking feeling can't breathe nor swallow kind
thanks i c u r off more than on
where do u go
brief eh

author comment

Hi Lovedly,
I am prioritizing my time, less on line, more working on my poems, learning French. I want to read more and still don't read enough. Also i was sick a bit, and feel i have lost a few brain cells.
But when I miss my friends I come over here and visit you. Your poems have become more intense. BTW, the title of this poem is not compatible with the optimistic return at the end, or maybe i missed something.


you R d only 1 or may b 2
who reads and praises me here
do read my song one
Some say it is good
AND LOL Lose some more brain cells ...older ones
newer ones come with a modern vision ...such as yours
Biennvenue devushka bonjour

what should be the title can u suggest ok 1

author comment

Maybe to name it
Not Yet
But you must know better, you were called back, you returned, you heard the words calling you back,
Maybe, Come Back!, Or Come Back, Daddy?



author comment

my pleasure


I have read enough of your work to make me think I finally have a handle on what you are trying to say.
You have made enough sense here for me to make a comment. I think that maybe, you have had a bout of sleep apnea. [Where you stop breathing for a while; to maybe listen for a sound and then your body suddenly realizes that you aren't breathing and your brain starts to panic and feels as though someone or something has you by the throat! It happens. Not to worry, unless it becomes a frequent occurrence. ~ Geezer.

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