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The wind is gusty, rain is cold
and falling down in sheets.
Staying home bound's getting old
( I tire of eating snacks and sweets. )

I usually love the leafless trees
but not on days so wet and dreary,
even the wildlife all agrees
of clouds and cold they're also weary.

But it's warm and dry inside.
I think I'll light a cheery fire
to chase the chill from my child bride.
perhaps to kindle new desire ?

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


I see where line's intent could be a bit vague so I've changed it. Fell free to drop in or E-mail or PM when ever you feel the urge......stan

author comment

Wow, this was great, had a real Robert Frost feel to it.

Much Love,

Any time somebody compares a work to Frost, I can't help but be pleased.............scribbler

author comment

a day that I would stay in too. Especially if I had a child bride! [Not that my bride isn't sometimes child-like! ]
LOL I had visions of a crackling fire with a bearskin rug, and mulled wine. It really sounds good on a day like today, when I am experiencing a cold, rainy day! Unfortunately, I have to go out and do a few errands, but as soon as they are done, I will go home and turn up the heat, by jumping into bed, with visions of your work, and a hot toddy, and maybe even the wife! Great work, ~ Gee

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I am at a loss as to how my bride manages to remain so young as age beats me like a mule lol. Thanks for the read and comment Geez...................scribbler

author comment

nothing like a cold day to make one appreciate a warm fire. Good to hear from you as always................stan

author comment

And laughing. But I know you wasn't laughing at the time. My feet are cold now and it is 67 degress F in my room. Now stay in a few days and write some more Great poems. Take Care. huey

I fear you spelled "grating " poems wrong lol..............scribbler

author comment

good contrast between out side and inside, your usual high standard of poetry here stan. Sounds as there as it is here.!!

Thanks for sharing Stan!

Love Mand xxxxxx

I am , as always, astonished at the reception this has gotten. Thank you............stan

author comment

As always, I am pulled in from the first line of this. I too, loved the ending!
It is great to be back and able to read your wonderful prose!


It is good to see you back Loreli. I hope you shall read that of my stuff which Isn't wonderful also lol...............scribbler

author comment

A great write. Love the ending. Take Care. huey

Thanks Huey.............scribbler

author comment
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