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A CHRISTMAS PAST December Contest)

I delve in thought this time of year
into childhood days so long ago.
Anticipation, will it never come?
Have I been good enough for Santa?

In my mind bright Christmas lights still glow
on a tree burdened by ornaments
( the tree obtained during a hunting trip)
silver tinsel hanging twinkly.

Presents piled wrapped gaudily,
some even labeled for me

Clear cold skies of cobalt blue
with bare trees shivering.
The only colors red of birds and berries
offset by evergreens.

But through the telescope of years
although I do recall yearned for toys
it's not those toys I dwell upon
and it's not the weather.

Clearly I recall the gathering
of family, some from far away,
and friends coming by to visit.
I recall them then hide my tears
at their no longer being here.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
I know this is doomed to be DQed for excessive length but I'm barred from winning anyway so what the heck lol
Editing stage: 


Reality was successfully captured with this piece, because I can relate with it myself, how I used to yearn for christmas as a child.A stunning composition, Scibbler and thanks for sharing.

"Stunning" might be over doing it but I'm glad you dropped in for a visit............stan

author comment

put me in the mood for the Holidays and Christmas in particular. I haven't written mine yet, but starting to get some ideas. Thanks for sharing. ~ Gee.

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Yeah that time of year is here and far too many of those we used to share it with are gone.......stan

author comment

Such a good write. So reflective and I can see the writer just sitting in thought, smiling at the memories, yet grieving for the ones who are no longer here. Very nice.

Keep Writing,

"Quoth said the Raven, NEVERMORE"

Thank you for both the visit and kind words

author comment

we all must move along
towards the altar
Do enjoy Christmas
there after

I know of folks who lost loved ones on Christmas day and it pretty much ruined the season for ever for them. Appreciate your visit

author comment

Stan this too will pass away

again a newer
will always come
what ever you may say
Christmas never passes away
for years it has
for centuries/OKAY millennia it will


The season embodies the hope of another life

author comment

after death
if buried

1.buried===food for worms MOTH and earth worms

2.cremated =ashes merge with the soil
and become part of theoretical energy

no energy can be destroyed
like water evaporates and is recycled
clouds vapors and rain and snow
become water again back
through the vast rivers
or drain down into the earth and become part of wells
so you may continue to say

is surely recycled

what of birth
what difference did this life make
had I been a DOG
in my last birth

else will become in my next

neither did I know it then
nor in next life
I will

You have very vividly described a few of my own Christmas memories...the good ones! Thanks!

Thanks for the visit and kind comment......stan

author comment

is that along with New Years Eve and birthdays, it celebrates that we have survived yet another reckless journey of 940 million kilometres at a speed of 108,000 kmh. Imagine that! We do it every year without even falling off the planet. Pretty fucking clever, I reckon.

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

gravity of your comment is appreciated lol. Now you can think about the movement of the solar system within our galaxy and our galaxy's movement within the universe . Kinda makes one dizzy

author comment

I'm concentrating on just not falling off this planet!

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

The problem with fighting turds is it leaves you in a mess and the turds don't care.......stan

author comment

I changed my signature during a discussion with Gee about the appalling, nasty little racist, misogynist piece of shit you guys apparently 'democratically' elected to be president. Either there is no such thing as democracy or you guys are over 50% completely insane and stupid (please note I've taken my badges off, I'm not speaking for Neopoet)

Neopoet Managing Directors, with Richard (themoonman)

Well we wound up having to choose between two terrible candidates. It has been quite a while since I actually voted For a president. Seems I've had to vote Against one instead. On one hand was a serial liar who was willing to do Anything to be elected and who thought she was entitled to the job. On the other was an egotistical old man. Hillary had already shown she could be bought and sold like a common whore if it would result in her being elected. Trump was already rich enough that maybe...just maybe be could not be bough by the special interests who wanted to see America weakened. This is what got Trump elected I think. With all his flaws he's still better than Hellary Clinton

author comment
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