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Christmas Cookies Part II...

The light went dim and I looked around
He was gone without a trace
Took the cookies, that I gave him
Stuffed them in his face

I was getting settled for the night
In my sleeping chair
When I felt a breeze and heard a voice
That whispered; "just beware..."

Oh Shit, com'on, you're kidding?
I got a concience thing?
Damn! I get no rest
As I saw his jewels and bling

What now, I ask; What do you want?
"Just a drink and a puff or two"
What for I ask, what's the deal?
What's it all to do with you?

What have I got to worry about?
Ok, I watched some porn
Hey you've got your bling, I see
Don't go tooting on your horn

You should be clean, if you're not squeaky
My days of sowing oats are gone
My wife knows most all my secrets
So What's this trip you're on?

I thought that I'd remind you
Of promises you broke
Days of riding with the "Terrors"
Nights of drinking rum and coke

That little sweetheart that you lied to
Told her you'd be back
Way out in Arizona
In that air-conditioned shack

Or about when you got amnesia?
Forgot you had a home
You was a horny Tom-cat
Had an eye that roamed

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
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Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


Hey Geezer, these ghosts ain't giving you any peace are they? A bit of a Tom cat were you? This is really delicious if I may say so I'm grinning from ear to ear, I love the imagery, bring it on friend, I haven't got Chance in hell winning this contest, but it's great to be in it. Fanny and Paddy say hi!

Thank you...Teddy

that this qualifies under the rules of the contest. Lol. The only part that does so far, is part one. But it is such fun, and as long as it is, I'll keep it going. Thanks for the thumbs up! ~ Geez.

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author comment

oh yes, the line count! i forgot too, i think im safe though.

Thank you...Teddy

Keep them going... looking forward to part trey.

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