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Choices With Voices

one foot in heaven the other in hell got a good story to tell
there was an old Hustler named Oscar who sold his junk out of his freezer.
made his living selling dope to cope while he had a fight with the soap on the rope
one day Oscar was being busted yet he put all his faith in God he trusted
he knew that heaven was still his home but he was now doing time in the pen
Oscar got many visitors wanting to discover the power he had even locked up
he had an inside job selling cigarettes each new day he would reflect
then he was released couldn't wait to get back to his satin sheets

this time he went the straight way putting all his guns away this much I pray
saw him the other day in full swing down at the Cambridge Lodge Church scene
then one day an old friend saw him from a far gave him a brand new car
living back in a new jack swing where peeps are nice and clean
the last I heard an enemy of his pulled a nine to his head Oscar dropped dead
yet the may left a legacy in the rap scene where folks could get a bit mean
never again will he be so kind to a twisted man that robbed him blind

Today peeps follow suit to old Oscar's message there is a philosophy
bringing people to their knees in humble appreciation
see in moments like these people can change a given chance at which to rearrange
it's all a matter of heart to light the inner spark of what we have been waiting for.
Choices with voices

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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I think with a few edits it could flow better, it just seems a bit choppy. It is a good start to a good piece.
Thank you

An interesting story Chevyvent. It's a pity nemesis still caught up with Oscar even after he had turned new a leaf.I enjoyed my read and thanks for sharing.

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