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Child Abuse

Now is the time to speak the truth
About the events in your youth
The father who came into your bed
Nights that filled your soul with dread
Growing up with a heavy heart
Knowledge that made you stand apart
The teacher who came to your house - unbeknown
When you were home on your own
No one would believe you then, if you'd said
That what he did was forced down your head
Jimmy Savile's made it easy for thee
Speak up little one it will set you free

Now they'll believe you, now is the time
To speak of the horrors that poisoned your mind
The awfulness that you had to endure
Your childhood destroyed acting like a whore
No, there's no point in trying to lose pain
From memories that return again and again
The teacher that placed your hands on her chest
Should a child be touching her breasts?
Now you are grown up if you don't say
This happened to me , make them pay.
Sadly you'll never be normal and kind
because the chains on your soul bind
you from living the life you should have
Intelligent enthusiastic strong and brave

Instead you vomit to ease the hurt,
laugh about sex and become a flirt
Relationships destroyed by events gone past
Halt it now, just reveal the worst
I cannot help you to ease your pain
So sorry that I knew nothing of it, then
Speak up little one e'en though you have grown
Speak up now though your childhood has fllown
It will be hard but we all know
you will be believed , so go go go
To news night, police, panorama or chat,
They won't disbelieve you or call you a brat
Or place the blame upon your shoulders
You know you were wronged, now that you're older
Jimmy Savile's made it easy for thee
Speak up little one it will set you free

Style / type: 
Structured: Western
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
For my daughter
Editing stage: 


Break it into stanzas so people will read it.

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Very good suggestion or I may be writing SalmanRushdie's "midnights children"

author comment

Welcome to Neopoet. Your poem is strong but might
be improved upon with more attention to meter.

I really didn't like the line,
Jimmy Savile's made it easy for thee, let me say it is
the thee, really has no place in modern poetry but people
do love to use it. I had no idea who Jimmy was, so I looked
him up, it seems he died with some 199 sexual abuse cases
pending ... how in the world could anyone go for that long without
getting caught, it's a strange world at times.

When I found out who he was I read it again, and again.

thank you for sharing as this seems to be on a very personal


I am shocked that you do not read the gutter press but I appreciate your comments thank you.

author comment

The things he did were vile and over so many years

author comment

to tell the truth I barely watch the news anymore, it's
so biased and manipulative here, when I do hear of
something I will watch, but even then I choose to look
things up on the net, I can get a more rounded version
of what is really going on with most anything.

What I found on Jimmy was appalling, he was a monster
with clout, and that's the worst kind and probably why he
got away with it for so long.

again, I thank you for sharing with us,




especially with as sensitive a topic as this.

It demands a lucid and considered reply, not your usual vapid meanderings.

I do not apologise for the abuse I heaped on you, I only edit it out because it was possibly open to mis-interpretation. Your friends and allies have persuaded me to give you the chance to explain yourself in plain English,
please do.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

disgust you may like to message as pms
2 me


that is the way I read that silly ass comment too, and now it's
posted as some kind of profound poem ... I hope we're both

you may have deleted your repulsive comment, but let the detritus remain.

A new workshop on the most important element of poetry-
'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

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