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Check mate ***language

She hated red
but wore it well.
It changed her mood,
and you could tell.

The dress, way short,
cut real low,
left no question
how far she'd go.

The 'fuck me' heels
were crazy tall,
if she happens to slip
she'll probably fall.

But in she sauntered
head held high.
Saw him there
but walked on by.

That other woman
did a double take.
She acted brave -
that's hard to fake.

She need not worry,
no, not tonight.
Lady in red
wasn't there to fight.

She walked to the bar,
ordered a drink.
All eyes upon her
who cares what they think.

Tonight things are different,
tonight things will change.
Come hell or high water,
she's playing HIS game.

"Eanie, meanie," inside her head,
she slowly scanned the crowd
Then suddenly she saw the one
"I'll take you," she said out loud

The pocket protector clinched it.
The bow tie and bald head a plus.
Four foot eleven, both high and wide,
oh yah, this guys a must.

She took him by the hand
He thought he'd gone to heaven
He smiled a toothless grin
said; "hi baby, my name is Kevin."

I saw them 2 months later.
Shopping at the grocery store.
The cart was full of lobster,
champagne and nothing more.

Oh yea, they sure look happy,
her and what's his name.
With a wink and a hug, she whispered,
"he played, but I won the game."

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
The title was intentional as it is. Just a little something I wrote yesterday. Thanks for reading. S.
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Content level: 
Explicit Content


Oh my, I love everything about this, it's true red does give us (at least me anyway) the edge or something.
this is fantastic all the way through and the ending all's well that ends well, happy together shopping for lobster and champa's lol the girl knew what she wanted and she took it! Excellent and so fun to read.

Thank you...Teddy

Hi jetz, very good. The title is fine and the content deftly written. Also well rhymed. The Scarlett Woman is well Highly original topic, you gave me a laugh.
Best, Gracy

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

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