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Charles Manson

darkness evokes the very fabric of his frame & gait
a renegade for what he did to Sharon Tate
a following with Tex and the rest
what was going on inside his head

the walking dead
tried to blame it on a Beatles song
yet can't you all get along
at first you started out as peace then no relief
to your restless eyes
did it come at any big enough surprise
you were blinded by Satan's lies
Helter Skelter

you were first a song maker playing the guitar
but you didn't go far
falling apart at the seams
evil twisted schemes
you tried to run away from the pigs
those guys with the blue hats that flap
insanity lived inside of thee

yet you chose your drug of misery to set you free
having your choice of women at your disposal
until you got caught on that day
now you locked away
no chance at getting out
now your free to bitch and pout
all your life was a no good mystery
cause you always have something up your sleeve
now I heard you got married perhaps that's just fake news
so long Charley as you sing your jail house blues.

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