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C'est La Vie

So who even remembers the nights spent
in warmth rapture
has it all died?

Where has love gone
or was it lust
after all
No matter
where has it gone/

Or does it still live
deep inside
waiting to be rescued
so wanting to live again

But where

where is the one that will
un ravel my heart
to reveal it's
true worth
as the time
Ticks by

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Not Explicit Content


Thank you so much for seeing what this poem is about. There is still a lot of life in me just waiting to live again


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author comment

I love the questioning nature, the phrasing pans out perfectly and leads to final realization that despite the darkness you still recognize that the feeling is still there and longs to rise from the ashes of demise much like the Phoenix, all it need is someone to set the the fire of passion for you to rise from

Thanks so much


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author comment

Stoke that lust,
poke that fire,
kindle that flame
of hearts desire.

lets go out and embarrass ourselves before its over.

(Not keen on the opening line, perhaps you could re-jig it? )


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