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launched into incarceration
the dealer plays the womb
a new beggar gestates

coalescence weaves the mortal wreath
then kicked awake
to the preachers wail
bending prophesy to fit the ear

plasticine matrix
the cast is set
innocent eyes, thick as wood
place first steps upon the range

sentence obscure

under cultures taste
round round circles
wear mind thin, numb
with why?

laden limbs form
losses bemoaned
as flies hover

the appeal granted
deliverance bearing
fraught expectations of the last mile

pearly gates open
cattle chute appears
the dealer plays the womb

Editing stage: 


rain falling minute

words accompany
the soft slush turn
of the bikes wheel

tumbling spokes
like poet yokes
I fill burden with meanings
shadows yardage

Taking this work with me
on my walk home today
turning it over and over
like footsteps away
and towards.............

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