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Calling all Angels

I call the angels
But they do not hear

They know of my sorrow's
They know of my fears

I am sure that they do, see my tears...

Calling all angels
all lines are engaged

There is no answer phone
I cannot even page....

This long distance call
to so high up above

There is no recall
to the one i love....

Calling all angels
I beg of you please

Cannot you see me
on bended knee...

Calling all angels
hear the clock chime

Can you not, turn back time?
Into the past, is where i belong

to be with my true love
I am so forlorn...

Calling all angels
Please hear my prayers

For someone to love me
For someone to care...

Calling all angels
what have i done

That is so wrong
For me

Nowhere to belong...

Last few words: 
I have lost 29 family members now. The last to survive of my line. Just feeling alone? Why am i still here? Invisible in the crowd or just an empty room just so lost right now.
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Not Explicit Content


eigth stanza gets stuck , see if this smooths it out "Can you not see" instead of cannot you see me, or why can you not see me
then can you not turn back the time would be something like , why then can't you turn back time
either hear my prayer (singular) then someone to care
or hear my prayers then someone who cares
your last stanza that is so wrong for me no where to belong
this falls flat in my opinion
how about maybe
that is so wrong
there is no where
for me to belong

This poem iis quite sad, but very meaningful


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