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by the window sits
collecting drops
of day sized thoughts

"its all in the angles"
discerning dusk
decieving dawn

breaths yellowed
lampshade curve
like a hand
turning the sullen
the skein of veins
like the beauty of

"designs of fortune"
your tea leave taste
that lingers like rain
falling in its haste

lean against the
touch of the intimate
You've come to think
stare into blue
until you unbecome
the un-one relation
the stranger with
a new face

into place
you sigh
your body
swift the worn

days dance down
the sweet second
saved for August
scarce extravagance
hearts fond chance

Editing stage: 


"stare into the mirror until I forget who I am"

disguised in the looking glass

the deepest step
that great width
drawing light from its ledge

how so it is I'm tired
knowing home shall never
be for one like me
for he whom wants
shall drive the need

author comment

told me that story clip
and its human to do this
Facebook is full of the study of self
we are hard wired to facial recognitions
and type Ive been experimenting with
just wearing the same thing over
and over for years and days like
a television character LIke a cartoon
character taking the same pics of
my face wearing the same shirts

its been interesting

anyway I loved the story they told me
and put it in here
a lot of what I get from people
exists in the poetry here
Im not that imaginative to come
up with all of this on my own
after all
its not all about me
not at all

author comment
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