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tethered down
this heavy crown
in dew dross languid home

the ghosts are heeding
fastly speeding
and safety's far from home

gleaned images of sun
dappled hands and fire forth
tilt to faces searching
the years
the yearning

this snow cascade
filling steps all in
the right
the wrong

and nights surrender
speeds in her tome
her rhyme her home

Editing stage: 


To the short lines

I like the way you put your words together. It is art. My favorite lines are

This snow cascade
filing steps all in
the right
in the wrong

Reminds me of life and how we try to get through


He who conquers self , has won a great battle

like a beautiful vibrant wind

plow through the obstacles
then sometimes go around

yea there lays the abyss
or sweet misfortune
that will bring a wish

I know

but to blind trust
the mishappenstence
of the going

going on

Thank You!

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