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Broken In The Gum

My gum and facial bone hurt like heck
I have an appointment to get it check
With a dentist in the morning
Much suffering has me mourning
Broken tooth deep in the gum has me vexed.

Taking pain meds for migraine
Releases me from incessant pain
Moving about my mouth and face
The infection continues the race
Back and forth in my nerve causing disdain.

As non sterile dental care goes uncheck
All I ask is good check ups, what the heck
Every time I get my teeth cleaned
My mouth sense its unclean
I'm not fond of dentists, feeling suspected.

A new dentist took some X-rays
Exposes a chipped tooth today
And infected nerves shown white
Just give me antibiotics to fight
And stop the bacteria having its away.

A few days in
And my mouth is still hurting
The Antibiotic hasn't taking away
The infection causing so much pain
And sleeplessness in the wee hours of the night.

Last few words: 
This got deleted somehow
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straight off the hip
a hard subject to tackle
but I like your working of
them...the play on words
and how simple random
occurence are included
as in life...

doctors retire pass away
move on..
structures have fires..
random and yet the
malady continues

the vexing of look after it
or....dont look after
it caught in that catch

the fact that this is a poem
amazes me....I greatly
like the social works
of poets very much
that are writting in
a gentle manner
of direct extol
Thank You Barbara!

I think writing poetry in the here and now is good when there's noone to talk to I have an addition to this piece.

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