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Birth of a gc

Nice waiting for a GC

When my first one arrived
or was to,
I knew the caesarean was due
but the doc thought poorly of me
what does this grand pa to be

Think said she

so many gcs have I delivered
now he makes my inner quiver

Lo and behold
the nurse went running
doc, doc breathless was she,
I knew they have to act fast,
ere a disaster should pass

and the doc went into the ops room quickly,
controlled the situation
a grand child was born

My eyes had tears of joy
it was a baby boy

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


twist to a momentous moment. Hope I can take my upcoming first grandfathering experience with a similar pinch of salt.
Best wishes,

punch of SALT
add some sugar too
it will help lest u want a boy
but a gal yells both are lovely I assure you

author comment

What an awesome capture. I really can relate to this on many levels.

I especially liked
Lo and behold
the nurse went running
doc, doc breathless was she,
I knew they have to act fast,
ere a disaster should pass

Thanks for sharing Loved.


Poetry is when an emotion has found its thought and the thought has found words
........Robert Frost☺

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lovedly is only 4 overcoming technical fault
nice to see u smile too

author comment

its seeing
wherein lies believing
this has had its ticks
no need for unsealing

author comment

I remember my first child born...I was there alongside my woman
a difficult delivery..a young doctor..very pleasing.had to bring in
the old salt to show him the tricks...hauled out my child with the
tongs...when she gets angry the scar on one side shows..other
then that she is fine physically...never cried but softly..tired from
the effort too arrive...nurse was angry she did not nurse right
away...Give r time we said...shes tuckered out...after a rest
she fed normal...when they put the needle in my womans spine
for pain..I almost fainted...seeing a one inche long deep
insertion was something I was not prepared for...sometimes
the hubbys get all stressed..they do pass our and or punch
the doctor...just part of the process....Our doc was a good
man and his hold hand teaching the new.....Good peoples
and the nurse...she was just wanting things to go swell...

happy for the healthy new arrival granpa...
we got one grandkid from the doctor of oil searching
big bucks brainy brian..
super bright grandbaby..she can speak two languages
no gran kids from the other two girls...
they want to enjoy their lives solo
for now...maybe ever!

thank U for a great poem on the event!

you could perhaps
publish poetic story books
you are adept
have a poetic concept
of what gcs can create
inside all heads

author comment
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