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The Best of Friends, From Magma to Ava

trust. that's the first thing.
the hands you could put your life into,
that's a true friend
always there, always willing
and she never can say anything
without making you laugh at some point.

serious, immature, strong, vulnerable,
she's just a walking contradiction,
isn't she?
we weren't supposed to talk about things
that would get us slapped
so I told her I was scared
this time

this time.

and I am selfish and guilty
and terrified
we know this addiction is something
we will never understand

"but do you still love her?"
"hell yes."
"then you're stuck."
"well, yeah."
"and what do you do when you're stuck?"
"stick with it, man."

that kind of understanding is priceless
a shared thorn in our chests
even though hers has been pulled
it still throbs the same
and has left a scar.

she still feels it.

collectively we have been through everything,

but that is why we are strong,
and our friendship is stronger.

that sounds stupid now that I say it
you're the best, man.

and by the way twin?


you just got burned.

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
wow I am a sap. but at least I have a bestest friend~o.O~
Editing stage: 


ending is a priceless one...
(been reading lit lately to increase
word knowledge and use beyond
poetry...back to language use and
how authors conduct its flow and
demarcations for convo...and descripts)

anyway I came back to this from a few
days previous read....Poetry is creation
for me...abstract a much preferred form
and then dialogue with its presentations

As a poet I admire other works that stand
our for me....

Thank You!

I was referring to how this person nicknamed me 'Magma' :) your opinion is always appreciated.
thanks again,

author comment

Loved the use of words in this one, you rarely meet someone that you can fully trust with everything.
Strange I met a guy once, we worked together for a few years, yet we kept a distance, I always thought that if there was one man that I would trust totally to watch my back in a war fight it would be him, there never seemed to be an absolute reason for it but he was there, we were in a theatre of war at that time.
Your friend is honoured to have you there always, and you also for them..
A good piece to read and take in to see if there are those within my life..
Yours Ian.T

There are a million reasons to believe in yourself,
So find more reasons to believe in others..

I hope everyone can say they have a friend like this, or even an almost stranger in some cases :) thanks for the read!

author comment
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