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Beneath Tomorrows Stars

Beneath the October stars
We layed uncomfortably in a tent
Attention inevitably poured
Through the translucent screen door

Frosted with spider webs
Half opened broken zipper door
Were the stars aglow?
I knew then, I'd never know

These twinkling anythings'
Lighting, stunning, cunning things
Hold my concentration
Confused, I bit my tongue

Cats eyes
Balcony lights
Be you stars, be you not
Confess your sins
You no longer protest or fight
What stirs beyond the light

Within the shadows and darkness
I must not admit my fears
She may need a sense of composure
A certainty to be coddled in security
Swallow your anxiety slow
Remember, you are only stoned

These lightning bugs and fire flies
snatch me up by the eyes
and every time, to my surprise
i decide to drive

The car began to feel rather precarious
Everything became ridiculously personal
Nothing was left unexamined
From honest insects to twitching lights

The smoke we spewed layed in layers
Cuddling the dashboard
Fogging the windows
Heightening my lowest thoughts

My saliva had turned to a paste
Causing my lips to slightly stick
My throat felt haggard and coarse
Sounds were devoured by my ears
And I was once again, stoned

It seemed impossible to die that night
Everything felt so alive
Until fate was to easily changed
in the mist of such a simple mistake

At the bottom of a lake
She lays in the wake
Of her frail body's
Last decomposing days

The death in my eyes
She could not cope
I rot by her side
Beneath my coat

Pond scum and algae
Consume the frame
Snails and salamanders
Slip by so lame

Trapped in our car
With the windows up
the doors locked
Your time, almost up

My fortunate self
Died in the first day
You've been withering for weeks
Next to, the dead smell of me

My ghost drudged the lake
Incapable of leaving the scene
You fester below
As the depths hushed your screams

Rigor Mortis me
A stench that waters eyes
I lay here in blight
Ruining the swan song of your life

You've beeped the horn
You've tried the lights
A performance of illuminations and sounds
When will your eyes finally lay down

The hunger smolders
It churns and rips
It eats what it can
Down to your ribs

A month now, below
How you've survived, I don't know
In your last seconds
Your mind suddenly flows

So precious a lifetime
Yet so thin a flash
Given to every man and women
Before their final gasp

You turn to me once more
Pierced right through my eyes
My lips peeled off, onto yours
As you kissed me one last time

Laying back
In comfort, not fright
She surrendered herself
To the friendly face of cracks and white

I've been holding my breath
Praying for your presence
Waiting with a lover's patience
At the gates of heaven
Whatever it was we deicided that is

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


emm, is this about a suicide pact? If I'm wrong maybe you can tell me more about the poem.


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