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Below Drums (primal poetry)

Passing through the drums I fall,
And a challenge came to be
Yet before I disappeared,
In wait he appeared.
Charging me I struck
With one blow
Knocking him down
But arising he came at me again
Yet with more and
They were adorned with feather dressings
And I spat in his face,
Then once again he went down
In all his feathered glory.

It was them and us to crown a king
So, I bowed to a new king
On his thrown of carved wood
With the universe of words understood

A princess ready for queening
Her spirit snatched
As with lover she lay
Confusion abounds

When the beat came to an end
Jimi Hendrix
Was like a pine cone
Being shoved
Up my ass!

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


This sounds more like a battle with unknown forces,
Sit back and listen to your heart beat then there will be the distant drums of the universe.
Fold them inward till time and distance fade,
There as you join the universes energy, patterns will form and there you will be able to see eternity.
There are no battles in eternity, just a sense of being, and the ability to recall all those that you love.
They will lift you and carry you.
Let the drums subside, and the heartbeat return,
There you will find a Mark with a smile of the journey and the knowledge of the future..
Yours, Ian ..
PS:- One moment in the future we will walk together there we will have no need of drums as we will be a part of the whole..

Words can build a nation

I just can't seem to get there however I know falling into dreamland is a good thing just not where I wish to go for the workshop and myself though. So, I let myself go there and wrote the weird stuff that happens and there is a lot. I tried rain and that just sent me into dreaming faster and more intense.
Back to the drums for me as it is more easy to watch things appear behind my eyelids.
For some reason my dreams are filled with conflict so you are certainly spot on there.


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author comment

Maybe you will have to find some quiet space just for you and I think that is going to be hard.
It's OK me just saying things, as I am at peace with this world and the Spirit world,
but I understand that many people have arrived here from different pathways.
For you the path has probably been a lot rougher than mine also I joined the more spiritual way when I was very young, it helps.
As we grow older we have a choice or maybe not as to who we let join us in our own little worlds.
I had about two years here each day when a Group of Spirit children , Bless Them, came to talk with me and teach me what their world was like ..( I have these talks recorded on 125 Audio tapes)
It also helped me where I became involved with the Spiritualist Church and running a school to teach healing and deep meditation, also Trance times but not me I left that up to my wife.
For you I would say sort out those blocks, where conflict came and went, try to become yourself or actually find you, which is the most important thing.
Writing helps though it can release the latent energy of past things, always remember you live in the NOW, nothing can change those days that are gone, so look ahead and plan a pathway that suits you where you are in control.
Great to have you join in this exercise it must have been hard, but that is now past.
Enjoy the freedom that the probability tracts offer you and be happy in all things,
Yours as always Ian ..

Words can build a nation

which has little to do with Shamanic trancing, which works at a Theta brainwave level.
You are doing just fine and if you feel a lack of consistency in your trance state that will clarify with time.

For once Ian thinks he knows what he is talking about but he doesn't.

Neopoet is a workshop. Poets take the time to read and think about your work and offer suggestions.
There is no obligation to make any changes however please acknowledge critique and comments.

Thanks, in both ways we try to arrive at the same place,
Yours Ian..

Words can build a nation

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