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The Beginning....

He stood alone
beneath the broken old
street light.
Tired pavement
crumbling beneath his boots.

Glancing around
checking his watch.
Time was ticking
he didn't want to miss out.

Out of the darkness
she came on noiseless feet,
it's me you seek

Stunned momentarily
by her appearance,
he quickly recovered
back to business at hand

There were assholes
to deal with
no time for introductions
Killer didn't want to miss the chance

Stopping to complain as she
fixed her heel.
Where are we going?
Why the rush?
The prey will come to us.

Shows how much you know.
Killer growled as he continued on.
You'll never find
what you're looking for.

Rolling her eyes, she followed
wondering what she had gotten into.
Then again, this was just an experiment
no strings attached.

He looked back at her
asking himself the same.
She seemed rather difficult
then again it didn't matter
this was only a one time thing.

Here we are, my favorite place,
He said, pulling her behind a tree.
She looked at him puzzled.
Now what,
we just sit and wait?

Still unimpressed,
getting ready to call it a night.
A young couple approached
in the sinister moonlight.

They didn't appear in love
From the sound of their voices
Nevermore nudged her partner
The ones at the bench
seem to be fighting.

Stepping in front,
as Killer went forward.
Be quiet, she instructed
and follow my lead
watch what transpires.

From a close distance, he observed
As she approached them both.
Asking if there was anything
she could do to help.

The woman ran off
a teary mess.
Nevermore shrugged
whiny little bitch
time to kick it up a notch
and give it her best.

That wasn't very nice
she purred, turning to the man
forcing him against the bench

Killer caught her eye
his move was next.
She kept their victim engaged
while he prepared the attack.

The man was in shock
as she knocked him down,
straddling his lap.
Cursing as he felt the splinters
break apart in his ass.

Killer crept from behind
poor jerk off
didn't stand a chance.
Bayonette to throat
Nevermore met his hungry glance.

Making your girlfriend cry,
it simply won't do.
And is that how you address a lady
he chided, referring to the curses
I feel sorry for you.

One cut and it was over
coroted artery nicked
Blood spattered across
Nevermore's breasts.
Licking her lips, breathing deep
that was the best I've seen yet.

Killer grinned
pleased with their effort.
The night is still young.
Now to remove the body
what part do you want
if any?

Shaking her head,
Nevermore declined respectfully
She could make love to a corpse
but would never eat a dead body.

This was fun, she assured him
seeing his crestfallen expression
moving closer, bloody finger tips
grazing his chest.
The smell of death
wreathed around him
inches from his lips.

We'll have to do this again
another time, another place
but for now, I'll give you your space

Killer watched in awe
as she strode away.
So much he had
wanted to say.

She had stirred something
inside him.
An unfamilar warmth
beating against a frozen heart.
Who knew Killer
had a pulse?

Already he missed her
staring at their work.
Until they meet again
for now, he would have
to dine on her part.

Last few words: 
Working together with Geezer to partner our alter egos.
Editing stage: 


I like the way they seem to be unsure of things, thinking that it might be only one time and then feeling like it could be more! Good stuff! I couldn't wait until my shower after I thought about it, so I went and looked before. Now I have something to work with and I know this is going to be a good thing. ~ Gee

This must be the place, 'cause there ain't no place like this place anywhere near this place

You like it. I didnt want to rush their relationship so I thought I would add the uncertainty. I cant wait to see where this goes.

Keep Writing,

"Quoth said the Raven, NEVERMORE"

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