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Bars in Cars

The man on the radio
is talking to me,
the orchestra
playing for my heart.
I didn't know
so many notes
fit in there:
88 keys trilling
for 90 measures,
the drums beating
72 beats per minute,
a chamber choir
for each chamber,
the 4 great veins
a string quartet,
the conductor
keeping pace
like the sinoatrial node.

I turn the dial
23.5 megahertz
and 53 notes
of jazz trumpet
fill the dark
with bright light.
The saxophone slurs
like blood
my heart strings
in 6/8 time.
Music that travels
to my tapping toes,
my brain on fire
with air
breathed through instruments.
My body improvising
with the players.

Sheet music
while I drive the streets.
The sound waves
getting me
from here to there,
from Coltrane
to Schopenhauer,
this ride to
and from work,
this beautiful morning
then evening

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It is obvious you know and love your music. I never saw the beauty of music described in such clinical terms lol

haha thanks, shadowdancer. I do love music, so much. and playing with science in poetry. hopefully it's not so clinical it's sterile. thanks for the read and comments!

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