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Autumn woes

Fiery red leaves
fallen from trees
onto the cold damp ground

Awaiting their final journey
as I tip my head down
to peek at nature's beauty

I can't help but think
what a waste.

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I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Not Explicit Content


Nice, straight to the point...I like that.

Why thank you. It's nice to see you. Have a great Saturday and indeed Halloween.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

I love your interpretation.

Happy Halloween in the USA.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment

The beauty of the reds and yellows, and oranges of fall leaves, nature’s art destined to rot and create the springy carpet we walk on in the deep woods.

Also, I hope it's one that the reader finds his own interpretation, i like yours. so yes in a few words I got a lot. Thank you Sir, it's always a pleasure to see you.

Thank you...Teddy

author comment
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