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Audio Rock

O the rock!
On the beggared habitation
Where our destinies drift like smoke
Journey in empty promises
Sceptre after sceptre

Do not query those stolen from independence
Where lies their fate
Their destination is known
Bones made dead from amalgamation
Pavements along the grave
Where music strangely sung
Played by fugitives
Soar in soured governance

No respite
No soothing
Nothing can be done
To change the tide of the sea
The ship has sailed beyond oblivion

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This is powerful and magnificent, I often wonder how the journey of a migrant must be, I can only imagine the deathly horror inside the minds of those desperate enough to try it. Those who succeed have a story to tell. I think this is a wonderful piece of poetry. If this was.mine I may have used fugitive in the title to pull more readers, but audio rock works too.

Thank you...Teddy

Hello Teddy,

Thank you for your appreciation of my poem. In this journey of life, we are all migrants. While some are fortunate to be in working environments and countries, some others like me, as expressed in the poem, are most unfortunate, this the hopelessness.
Thanks again for the wonderful critique!

author comment

We are all migrants some better off than others, let's hope the world will change one day, and that we as parents teach our children that no matter where you come from no matter what you look like that the world also belongs to you. Thank you for this poem Sir.

Thank you...Teddy

You have said it all!
Thank you.

author comment
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