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The Aspiring Fiddler and His Captured Audience

Well--should you want to play the violin,
Do not assault the ear of your dear pet;
A dog will howl, the cat does caterwaul
(They haven’t got it all together yet).

So, first of all you need a violin . . .
The fiddle, I believe you want to play,
And then you place some cotton in your ears,
Put rosin on your bow and scratch away.

Your tomcat should be kept inside a crate,
For which no independent feline cares--
In fact, it’s mostly for your own darn good
Because of vicious teeth and claws he bears.

His ears are said to be quite sensitive,
Offended by the instrument’s loud screech;
A student’s awful clumsy fingering
Will turn him into one mad s. o. a beach.

It’s true, he might act civil, bearable
If you play softly on the low G string,
But when you slide up to the piercing E . . .
Believe you me, that’s quite another thing:

This feline creature turns into a fiend
Who will attempt a major prison break
That’s bound to waste that source of noise--and you--
I think, you might just quit for your own sake.

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Structured: Western
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Hi, Jerry!
Always a party at Jerry's house! I believe you wrote a poem about your friendly feline and your wonderful clocks? What a talented person you are, Jerry! I imagine you can make that fiddle sing!
Thank you!

yes, that poem was about Felix, my black cat who came to us as a stray, but he turned out to be a wonderful pet. He still is a source of inspiration . . . when the muse won't bite (whoever heard of a cat puss being a muse?). Well, it's early yet--too early to write poetry. Tell you what: let me tune my violin and play a tender melody just for you. How does this serenade sound to you? tee-ta-tum-ta--down cat! Felix is in an attack mode . . . . Thank you for your comment, dear madame. Fiddler Jerry

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author comment

LOL oh you really are entertaining, can you believe my "NEW" next door neighbour is a violin player but she plays exquisite music, she also showed her talent in lockdown, which was a suprise, but my goodness you have made me think what if she was terrible? I'd go mad, putting cotton in my ears wouldnt do much to save my poor drums, good lord man now you got me in a panic.... LOL

If a cat has to escape the violin we are all in trouble.

Thank you...Teddy

I believe you should treasure each and every moment of her presence. It's not that an accomplished virtuoso drops every few seconds from the sky . . . on her head--as happened in my case. I'm a born Paganini--hey! did you know that Paganini was toothless? He loved ladies and therefore, too much sweets ruined his teeth. The barber pulled them all, and now he could indulge in as many "sweets" as he wanted. And he did! Here--let me play a soothing etude just for you; da-di-duh, da di di . . . Come on, Teddy; you know the words. Sing them! LOL. Have a sweet day. Signora T.

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