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Appreciate A Smile

A Pathway
pathway down the line forbidden cosmic design
out of weakness there's time posts to vote
in the air breads an outer spring
across the radio regime

the lady a shore
a cry out for more
a timeless ring

brilliance through the lazy Suzie Q
pillage of brightened custom
from sorted smashing skulls
led down the avenue

assumed the rich nectar
a shadow of forgiveness
the radio is right in each sequence
height for his review

come out from the covers
in front of a taught back smile
be a very good display
borrowed greens to mark this day

the monk bought lunch
in pillare of soft parade
we come full circle
the mending process to heal

like a slogan of content
made more then a dent
to salute the mid day fly
brushing back the emblems to appreciate a smile

folding hands to reveal the mockery of its text

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Editing stage: 


I have been an avid reader of poetry for over 50 years, I consider myself a very good reader. I host a workshop with over 1000 members. I think, or try hard, to have extraordinary patience with a poem in any style.
But I have to know what the poem is about. I do not have a clue what this poem is about. I do not want you to tell me in a commentary. I want to be able to know in the poem what it's about. Total abstraction in poetry can only me the reader so far. At least an abstract painting you can hang on a wall, and even though it says and means nothing at least it matches the furniture. On what wall do I I hang abstract poetry. This is an important subject in modern poetry, which has lost its audience due to abstractionism in poetry. The poem doesn't have to be very specific, but if its meaning is so lost in abstraction, what can it mean to the reader? There has to be some thread to hold the flowing images together. The words are good:

pillage of brightened custom
from sorted smashing skulls
led down the avenue

it sounds like poetry, but what do I do with it?

I'd rather learn from one bird how to sing
than teach ten thousand stars how not to dance
ee cummings

brevity and essence of conveyance
makes modern poetry
A poem shot out like and arrow
to shoot the moon
well just imagine
what will humans use
to bring down the sun

You are very lucky today
Eumol could pass your way
be enlightened
SMILE you may

This poem blankets my soul it doesn't necessary have to be filled with meaning.
The point is very sure projected for example, ":the lady a shore".
I derived it from Led zeppelin song "Stairway to heaven .
Each of us is truly destined for greatness if we only get out of our play pin or shell.
A pathway is what we all should and must lean on for one to derive true hope.
It's a force to connect us all together.

Mario Vitale

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