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...And Now It's Cuddle Time

the old cat wanders in from the cold
and dullness of winter
his thoughts are unaffected
they are stable

I am an old man,
also, stable in my thought
nothing new to speak of
and I am comfortable with that

I, like most people,
am not special

only the cat thinks otherwise

that's nice

if one is looked upon as special,
and obviously is,
that is just observation

but to be looked upon as special
when one is not,
now, that is special;

a special kind of delusion
kind of like love

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Prose, at best. But I thought I'd publish anyway. Critique away y'all
Editing stage: 


many cat-ladies out there that agree with you! Not that you are a lady! Anyhow, I thought it rather special, prose or no prose. ~ Gee.

Comments and critique are a vital part of our community!
Critique or comment today!

there are millions of households in the world that have cats
I feel every time I speak of them someone implies that only women have cats, and men have dogs
or something like that.
not saying you do, but...if the shoe fits....

cats are cool
dogs are too
I've had both
but cats rule

thanks Gee,


author comment

have had both cats and dogs and I did not mean to imply that only ladies have cats, although it is mostly women whom you hear of as having lots of cats and sometimes to the detriment of both the owner and the animals, too many! My wife has become allergic to cats and I may not have a dog where I live. I am sad In both instances. And you are right, in most instances, cats do rule! Very aristocratic animals. My daughter-in-law has seven cats and there are some of them that just adore me and I don't mind a bit. [I have to wash my hands after petting them, because of my wife's allergy, but]... I prefer dogs, but it is just a personal affection and not a reflection on cats or their owners. [Does anyone ever own a cat?] ~ Geezer.

Comments and critique are a vital part of our community!
Critique or comment today!

life be good, no matter the consequence.
it's all we have, after all...


I'm gladdened this affected you in any way
but saddened that your take on this is so different than my intention
I'll chalk that up to my lack of adequate communication skills

do you have pets?
everyone I know that do, has a "special" bond with them...cats, dogs, ferrets,
and the people I know are definitely NOT special in any way that I have discerned.

Is not considering oneself special what saddens you?

thanks for your thoughts,


I consider your wordsmithing to be very special and admirable
and hope to have a long and cordial time together on Neopoet


author comment

'twere but the last two lines that saddened me somewhat.
anywhos, having read it again at a different angle
my neck hurts and i agree with your sentiments.


ps.- thank you, and likewise.

I think this poem is great. I don't have to solve any riddles...its straight forward, honest and has a lot to say. It reads easy and smooth. I love the first to you transition from the cat to you and create a feeling of contentment. Then the single lines that drive the point home...and the killer last phrase. " a special kind of delusion..kind of like love" Yes! I've always felt that take on love is accurate...that maybe love is basically about overlooking - and just deciding. Anyway, I don't have any helpful criticism of this one. I'll be reading more of your stuff.

what a gratifying critique!


author comment

I am a dog lover
all my thirteen dogs
really loved me

they have all passed into oblivion
only one
now speaks my language

I beckon
if there be a second version
of human or animal
heavens send me as a dog
to some lady
she will love me
more than any lady today loves her hubby
may you also bless me

kittens are sweet
but dogs are a treat

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