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Alvioli over gum

Through the filligree of naked branchlets,
Across an unknown spanse
A body of water, pool of mystery
The focal point, a divine evergreen
My heart cries out – “a gum!”
An “Emerald city” dream in gorgeous teal
Through crimson twiggery.
These woven branches –
alveoli, stretching out into the world
Oxygen out – CO2 in
Our antithesis of spending
We owe a debt to these
Across the world this image springs
Upon my glowing screen
& brings to me an awe of pleasant reverie
A gift from a friend
A scape to place my hungry mind
To roam, to blossom, to breathe.
Contrasting hues draw out my true believer
My honest self, my only soul, in solitude
To reach across the world to the artist
Heart to heart – as such truth must
Delivering my offering, humbly,
knowing vulnerability.
Hoping to inspire just a shadow of the Emerald divinity
& the Crimson trellis so naturally formed
So masterfully framing
The tree & ground across expanse
That I cradled in my very self
To drink it’s glorious fertile inspiration
& be smilingly sated before sleep.

Last few words: 
I have suggested a collaboration with a photographer friend.. This is the first offering... He chooses an image each week that I write to, my instant responses... Rough first draft written moment after I received the image.
Editing stage: 


Thank you Legna - that response was like a lovely refreshing drink of goodness & clarity. I look forward to reading YOUR work as I so enjoyed the way you expressed yourself here. Thank you for getting so much out of my write - I wish I could show the image here for reference... if you are interested I could send you a private message to work out a way for you to see it.


My dear friend always told me "Water the seeds of joy first"

author comment

many pictures in my lifetime and delighted in showing them to anyone who look at them. I would be most honored if anyone ever wrote a poem about any of them! Your description gives me sight to an
unknown to myself picture. Thank you and the photographer that took it. ~ Geezer.

Come to chat every Thursday - 3:30 to 4:30 pm. EST.
With: c Lynn Brooks and Geezer

that is such a wonderful thing to say & warms my heart (as you always seem to do). I feel so happy to be back among the Neo family/clan. I was pleased that the photographer /friend was very happy & appreciative too. Creativity is such a gift to those of us who truly look, listen & ponder. Thank you for the copliment that my writing gives you an inner view of the picure... This is why we write I guess. xx


My dear friend always told me "Water the seeds of joy first"

author comment
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