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the almajerie

................................................................... _ " "
quote tracing bush path empty apathy
the cheapest house available empathy
of federal concrete pitch impeaching

> < x
opposite worn shoes idiosyncrasy
power to forgotten eagle eyes
flight tattered gaze gazelle

/ undetermined by outcast
fish out lightening to cul-de-sac
weary and nodding vehemently boisterous
opera tenuous vociferous

[ ] ' , .
quorum bracket hyphen o comma
fly ears insertion lexical impunity
lachrymose appraisal to he all periodic

Review Request (Direction): 
How was my language use?
Is the internal logic consistent?
Last few words: 
the poem is about a beggar on the streets in Nigeria such young boys are called Almajeries
Editing stage: 


i like the use of punctuation
because i rare use them..

living month or a day there
older as a derelict
i at least put memory to
not knowing

of which you write
having seen
shapes of
the poverty
and idiosyncratic


i walked our wealthy city
toronto enough
seventy nine to about 2005

it will be dfferent and the same

a good descript
without the direct writing

i am learning this old studied
form of art


i think its called
an interesting way
to not percieve things
but of perception

thank you!

have you published any collections of poetry, i like your reply even better than my poem i must confess

author comment

one of them should be to get published...
my painting career is more hobby and
sketching also....

poetry should be more exposed to the
masses then electronic read..
everyone loves a print or hard copy
i will endevour to put this into action

thank you!

i want to publish this year , i have two collections already and with your choosing we could scrutinize epics , you are by far my superior but i like that

author comment

like a coachman....the sparks of steel on cobblestone
the highwaymen near and wolves...

poetry the lz...the party...the grounds

epicuria fathoming the hungers...

poetry is just a road...
and im no better then any other
just a poet

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