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All right?

New amoralism
Indulgent to barbarism
For past cataclysm

Style / type: 
Structured: Eastern
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Premise: past persecution pardons persistent present provocative perpetration preventing proposed prosecution proving partisan politics prevalent prejudicing popular patriotism, progress, peace plus prosperity.
Editing stage: 


I will treat your tongue in cheek response with my (relatively) tongue in check riposte.

O - onerous, omnipotent, oligarchy, overzealous, obliterate
P - path, peace, progress, prosperity - my personal and partial preference is for P
Q - quarantined, quartered, quarrel, quandary, questionable

As for a revolutionary idea, what if instead of aping revolting revolutionaries and mindless militants "democratically" elected leaders follow the letter of the law instead of words of woe and war (I am referring to aspiring, aping and asinine politicians in my backyard - South Asia).

author comment

One of the things I admire about your works is the way they almost automatically engage a dialogue.

It's not that they don't stand alone, they do, as complete pieces of jewellery, yet they also invite, virtually demand, the reader describe and discuss the person wearing said jewellery. Even when that jewellery is a necklace of the teeth of victims [smiles]

Neopoet Directors

Both of you are fighting tooth and nail to pierce my humble poetic offering with your sharp and pointed wits. I am just an armchair observer spewing my limited understanding of events into the Neopoets ocean of poetic prowess. I would like to accept your higher estimation of my mediocre abilities but my innate humility and honest appraisal of my talents prevents me from do so. However, as always, I appreciate and enjoy reading your interesting, intelligent and informative input.

author comment

Now can you cop the the compliment on the chin like a man?
What's this "Both of you are fighting tooth and nail to pierce my humble poetic offering with your sharp and pointed wits."?
There is no 'both', I made one comment. Nothing to do with me if someone else feels the need to comment on anything I say.
And 'pierce'? Sounds like an attack.
I suggest you are mistaken in mixing my response with another members rambling gushiness.

Neopoet Directors

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