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Through the looking glass
like Alice I did step
searching for my Innocence
in a child cuddling in a crib
looking for the magic of a soul
that knew no sin
holding on to myself
when I was three
hoping he will release the terror
within this old man
taking my hand
while we walk together
into the dark unknown
for all that I was will end
with me.

God have pity on my soul.

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by denying the existence of the soul. I define the term as an accumulation of personality and acquired wisdom.

Nonetheless a very fine poem.

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I tend to agree. The soul may be our own character and energy that goes on. I think we most fear our immortality-whatever that means-as much as our mortality.

I follow the existential notion that at the end we are the sum total of who we have been in life..
But who knows. This is where FAITH comes in--and it is starting to wear thin
thank you, Jess


author comment

" The terror within this old man" What a great universal line. I have seen that terror in others far more often than I would have wished. And even among people far more religious than I am. So you are not alone in feeling it. But even those with no faith at all mostly take evolution as a given. And evolution states that traits are passed from one generation to the next for good reason. And what good does it do for humans to be aware of their own mortality unless it's to prepare for something beyond it? Excellent poem and you take care.......stan

I inherited Parkinsons from my mother and her 2 brothers, and all three died of dementia-Alzheimers. I wish I didn't know half of what I know,

thanks, Stan


author comment

Alzheimer's, dementia, emphasema(sic), lung cancer, strokes, all types heart disease. I all cases in which the cause was drawn out the results were not pleasant. I can identify at least a bit with what you're going through. The despair of knowing there's little if anything that can be done is likely the worst part to endure. But few of us are lucky enough to go quick or peacefully so what choice is there but to endure? But at the very least you have a lot of folks here wishing you the best so you aren't alone..........stan

It is had when you face a debilitating disease and your own death alone, You get to the point of acceptance; live for the minute and pray the end will be easy

slip and slide out of this shell
into a place I soon will know well
may evil not claim my soul
when it is the moment for me to go.

author comment

The fear is evident and the reasoning is clearer.
You know that this life here is not everything.
One day, or when you sleep there you will be walking in a light, then they will say you don't need those legs, and many things that a physical body needs.
There a thought went out and found like minds, Summoned by eternity and unconditional love.
There you will be embraced and welcomed home.
The love of those gone before will encompass you.
There you can be as you think, and they will know you
Take care young Joe, Thinking of you,
Yours Ian

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Unconditional love to you all.
"Learn to love yourself first"
Yours as always, Ian.T, Sparrow, and Yenti

I am suffering terribly. Never thought I would get so far so fast. It is a nightmare. There are worse things than death/

thank you, my good friend

author comment

Sending my love

'Each for the joy of the working, and each, in his separate star,
shall draw the Thing as he sees It, for the God of Things as They are.'
(Rudyard Kipling)

Thank you, Judyanne. And I send my love to you.


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