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The Airborne Dagger

Owl-eyes of Night,
impassive orbs
veiling pins of ebony,
watch under moonless sky.
The air is sharp as a steel dagger,
I stagger under my purple shawl
wielding the airborne weapon.

In the Justice of Time I shall punish
my well loved husband and Sire,
squeamish executioner of our King.
When blood of Great Cawdor’s veins flows
I will have loved him as savage Night loves Death.
*for the sleeping and the dead are but as pictures*.

I dream Arabian perfumes
scent the stains on my hands;
I fancy Birnam Wood never marched
towards hills of Dunsinane;
I doubt harpies' omens
mixing truth with falsity.

Destiny will entomb me
outside ramparts of consecrated earth
in common bone heaps of reprobates.
The quills of Albion’s Bard
immortalize my deeds
and Furies condem me forever.

The Styx flows with blood of my dead:
Cerberus snarls with his threefold head
as I linger beside shores of Hades.

Lady Macbeth, (in my edition)

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Goodness gracious what a battle. This is a fine piece of poetry that makes the imagery come to life, today I bow, you have managed to tame my hunger within this poetry. *Magnificent*. Your title brings the taste of drama and dramatic it is. As always you are very inspiring.

Thank you...Teddy

Dear Teddy, many thanks for visiting and for your kind comments. I don't really know why I thought of Lady Mac repenting of her deeds. We had Macbeth for our Cambridge Overseas Certificate, I had to memorize the soliloquies and was very impressed, aged 16. She really does have a vision or dream about an airborne dagger. All the poem is based on the Bard's tragedy, except I made her sorry for her ill doings.
All the best, keep safe. It's snowing again in Argentine Patagonia. I quite like it because the longer it does, the safer we are in Summer from forest fires. We're having plenty of rain here, but in the north of Argentina, there are 9 provinces with serious bushfires. A long drought.

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

author comment

your work is always mesmerizing, but i also love your replies, you know i so wish it would snow here, of course in italy in august almost impossible but in the alps it has already shed some, i wish you well too, here there haven't been so many fires this year, i think because people have also travelled less, once i was travelling to rome from florence on the train, i remember like it was yesterday there was a fire right up close. I was quite terrified. I am sorry when forests burn.

May the winter be kind, and the rain man sing! big hug to you dear girl.

Thank you...Teddy

Dear Teddy, tis true, our exchanges of experiences are interesting. I hadn't realized that you live in Italy. As I've said many times, I've travelled a lot. I was in Italy at least twice, we drove all the way to the south and crossed by ferry to Sicily (beautiful), then up the Adriatic to cross over to Corfu...and so on. I love Italy and Spain. I have a niece living in Italy, but haven't seen her since she went there. I really wish this pandemic would finish and we could do some more travelling before it's too late.
I've crossed over the Alps in the Summer. In Winter we visited the French Alps and went up in a cable car at Chamonix. I never skied, not even here.
Thanks so much for sharing bits of your life with all of us. Now we have 12 provinces with bushfires. The poor animals, birds and also the cattle, horses, etc. Not all are saved. Rather like Australia last year. Pray for the wild animals...
Best, Gracy

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

author comment

so glad that you have managed to post this one. I'm hoping that your troubles with posting are over. This has all the earmarks of a classic and had I not known that you have written it, I would have attributed it to William. Not being all that well versed in the classics puts me at somewhat of a disadvantage here; so I will leave at saying. Well done! ~ Geez.

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Hi Geez, yes, I managed but was so tired that I forgot to warn you. I apologize. What a compliment, Willy would have written it in sonnet form! Or a soliloquy, much the same thing.
I'm fairly well versed in Shakespeare because we had to study his plays when I did my Overseas Cambridge Certificate. We had to memorize lots of soliloquies and recite them at the front of the class! For our finals, we were given Macbeth, I was fascinated with that dark play and of course learned lots of it by heart. By then, at 16, I appreciated Willy immensely.
A great thing is that the plays come in the form of stories for children, so that when you have to tackle the real thing, it's far easier.
Thank you for the enormous compliment, keep well, Gracy

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

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