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aging guys all edit

'From the perspective
of an elderly aging poet....''''

Age we must

Beautifully put across
We all are in our aging stage...
ere we leave this worldly stage
let others now rage


take over our lives
with a new page


they in newer vistas engage

Our lives we have lived
says this nearing old page

Do not in maliciousness engage
Life’s given to each one
as a chess game


A pack of cards which rarely can be dealt twice
pick and choose
between dough nuts and rice.
we all have paid our life's price

Now throw the dice
who goes when
Lord may not know
but age is a given...
we all now know

Here I go
you may follow!!!

Editing stage: 


I like the way that your poem is structured and rhymes.
This being said, I am unable to discern a pattern. Could you perhaps comment a little on what you are going for here?

you must know
I am hardly a poet

No two poems are same
All each one is different
composed over
14000 free verse all over
I wonder why people read me
even jess finds an odd gem
you also perhaps could

off the cuff free poet
what comes to my mind i engrave

author comment

I believe your poem here is certainly lovely and well thought out. I was just wondering if I were missing out on some hidden mystery.


author comment
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