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age with grace

Age with Grace_..

Well we all have to age
some day
one day
but age
we must gracefully

not many come to hold our hands
maybe contagious
may be you will seek

so stay afar
don't ever expect
you will have no disappointment said Buddha ere

but now a day’s who listens
one listener is rare
so I read you
I don't stare

I see myself like you without hair
eyes dark stark and bare
look into the far depths of maddening darkness
but with no despair

I compose my thoughts like you do
We must age as you too...

So read my poem
She smiles still into my eyes
half a century gone by
she smiles in anticipation
we may meet in the far corners
----------------.....of the universe
where we may each other

alas we will never
Hope lives on still
more in me
than in her Will

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
Creativity thy name is moderna poet- tree
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think about what your mother might think of you and what you are like, how you grew up to be a man. Hoping that she is proud of who you are. ~ Gee.

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hopefully I still live in
as time to rejoin
in the far folds of eternal unknown eternity
is not a possibility
but a thought for many

Yet One can never say it's a fallacy
We know nothing beyond the grave yard
so I always ask folks
have you seen a dead rat

That is the ultimatum of this life's existence
without any iota of doubt

If you have a different version educate me SiR
I do not want to bask in innate ignorance

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