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About My Camp Light

And as I watch all the insects about my camp light
I think what a lure to them on this cool night.
They must see it above and away from afar.
So, I sit here and wonder just what they all are.

I love it here in this home so keen
where Texas mosquitoes are easily seen,
so friendly they are as they come to land,
especially this one here sitting on my hand.
Viewing for some time it is such a wild sight.
Moths fly along feel the heat then go right.
On my left hand is one that looks like a fan,
gold wavy marks on shiny wings do span.
A ruby red something comes to sit by,
between hot and cold I think he is a happy guy,
and just hangs around no interest to fly.
Another taste of coffee I think I will try.
A tiny wasp has caught my eye,
no food is around he sits without sound,
of all things here he is another friend found.

Two days ago, it rained awhile.
Yesterday was warm and I wore a smile.
Tonight, the stars show above my camp.
Suddenly filled with interest I look about my lamp.

Style / type: 
Free verse
Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
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Content level: 
Not Explicit Content


well i have never ever enjoyed camping so much than within this stunning imagery, what a fabulous and beautiful poem dedicated to the beauty of the beasts, i love the thought of looking at the light to seee which bugs have been attracted, such a marvelous angle to write about. very elegant too. this is truly a wonderful poem brought to life by the amazing imagery.

Thank you...Teddy

Thank you Teddy.
I'm lucky to have kept it since the 1990s.
It's my favorite way of writing - being in the middle of what you are trying to share.
Actually I was camping with my old lady friend from the Fear of Death poem. She was a great camper too.
Thanks Teddy,

Please comment anywhere anytime.

author comment

Camping is great fun, a few years ago i used to do it every weekend, eating your dinner with the flying ants was always a challenge, I wonder if camping will be more popular than ever now? Hey i went on a tour in the jungles of Madagascar with a rucksack for six days, Man that was an experience, i didnt bring my make up nore a pair of heels it was such a cool experience to be in the jungle, We stayed in a cabin one night on the beach it truly was a terrifying experience as the cabin was filled of spiders huge they were. alas i am here to tell the story so alls well that ends well, i do have girlfriends who wouldnt dream of ever camping though, some dont even put a towel on the sandy beach. LOL

It's sad to know your friend is no longer here to enjoy caming, but i bet she had so many fabulous memories too.

Thank you...Teddy

Dear Mark, lovely poem. I hope you don't have Dengue. Chicunguya, etc., where you live. They're nasty diseases.
I also loved camping, as a child and adolescent. Later on, I camped with my husband and children on the Hawaiin islands, we hired a camper van sometimes, otherwise just a tent. Glorious experience to watch the whales playing in the sea early mornings!
You're title, content and rhyming seem perfect to me. The imagery is also startling. So glad you composed this topic. I think I posted on about camping by the Río Limay, but it's FV.
Enjoyed, Gracy

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

You love it too? Kudos for you !
No, never been hurt only had fun..

Please comment anywhere anytime.

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