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500 Towels

if you missed the rail I’m on
one left dirty, clean one’s gone
when you’re living
with some girls
one hundred towels

Review Request (Intensity): 
I want the raw truth, feel free to knock me on my back
Last few words: 
I promise I'm not comlpaining
Editing stage: 


i think i completely understand this. the length is perfect, it's beautiful. nice write.


beautiful parody
I would have liked to see this continue

Let your mercy spill on all these burning hearts in hell(Leonard Cohen)

Yes, I am complaining a bit.

Now at last free of flat-mates or live-in lovers
a houso amongst housos
in Balmain East,
in sight of the Harbour
not a hotbed of mental health
but my towels and toilet paper are my own.

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'Rhythm and Meter in Poetry'

I remember our little house....sold off...
someone new to enjoy its location
Fern Glen Road and highway 592!
the little yellow place! Ontario Canada!
Should see what new Google Earth
photo shows me...trees. grow and
come down...hoods changed there..
Wolfe was right...why dare go home!

growing up we had four women
all working and part time jobs.
dad was full time local railroad..
No wonder he got up first thing
in the morning!! before everyone
else...One small
cozy kitchen! lucky us! we
still had the outside privy and
in summer took a comic book
spray with raid....wait a few
minutes and enjoy the
bush view...silence peace
then scrap it out with the
bathroom which we never
did.... Even here....the two
ladies! the girl working
took over the can for a full
hour...had to do all at work
and laundry...towels and
dishes I carted off to to..
simple tasks my mother
taught us boys to handle!
(so U dont have to be totally
reliant on women!)
she hated those iron on
patches and laughed at
the Jiffy Sew club....pliable
glue the non sewing used...
Im glad she taught me how
to thread a needle....
I repair all my clothes..
jackets and the girls bring
me things..(or used too)
items to mend!
(Was doing the cousins
work but her man took
over this job! I thought
it noble of him! cuts down
on the jealousy! )
yes...tons of towels and
make up laden hand
clothes...Resolve spray
for all stains....or the scrub
brush and that bar of yellow
laundry soap I Loved..
my mom did this for us....
entire rowdy
and fun and moody she
ran that ship!!
always had a stash of
toilet paper hidden away
in our tool shed in coffee
tins so the chipmunks
and squirels and mice
didnt get it!

and then tried living in
a rooming house..wild
but well run! manager
was old hippy head
cooked grew sunflowers
and guided with a rough
but caring hand the old
drunks and kids housed
in the twenties rambling
brick three story
Toilet paper you guarded
or hid...people were
always busting in to
find things to fence or
Borrow!! why I never
went into housing with
the others...even though
I know most of the pysch
people today!!

still havent quite settled
into my place over there
just use t shirts for towels
only have a sleeping
bag for a bedding and
an old leather jacket
rolled up for a pillow
it suffices!! and not
a soul to bother me
when I need the facilities!!
but I remember the circus
days of family living
and shared accomodations

much is said about the
castle of ones chosing!!

thank U!

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