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100 days to the Election

Sick America
Trapped in a coma till November
The great experiment’s final quest
To break the fever or expire
To Trumpius and his reign of fire

Sick America
On a ventilator in intensive care
We listen to your heartbeat
Your blood spinning in a centrifuge
To purify demons of the past

Sick America
Our dream spangled daughter
Freedom is frail before our eyes
No parent can bare to lose a child
You must you must survive

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Certainly a poem of the moment in the USA. Poets, (normal ones that is), engage your neighbors to vote for anything but Trumpius. If you cannot bring yourself to vote democratic, like being a Red Sox fan who just can't root for the Yankees, write in Robert Frost or Mickey Mouse It's won't be a wasted vote. You will be helping your country not re-elect this filthy stupid sub par human being.
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with a beat signature. I enjoyed listening to those kids out in front of the colleges and standing on their soap boxes. They usually had some significant things to say and some that I never did get. But it was good to see the fire in their eyes and the blush of patriotism on their face. Not much of that now, it seems to hjave taken a turn for the worst. Those "children" today, would mostly be ignored and chastised for turning their backs on the America that their parents had built and the freedoms that they have because of the sacrifices that they made. Ohhh wait... I think I see that happening in front of us now. ~ Geez.

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...the gravity of the situation.

You have well over 150,000 dead and you will have well over another 100,000 dead of COVID by the time your election takes place. And probably another 100,000 in between Trump's defeat and his being physically kicked out of the White House. No one knows how many of those deaths are a direct result of Trump's incompetence and inability to lead, but, comparing death rates with other countries, it would be reasoable to suggest that a good half are directly attributable. It seems a high price to pay to get rid of the most dangerous sociopathic president in USA history, but there you go. Other madmen politicians have exacted even higher tolls on the people foolish enough to vote for them.

PS The poem is very well written and the "Sick America" slogan is 100% correct.
PPS Penultmate line: "bear", not "bare".

Poet(ess) to the Stars

Hello Emou, great poem. I'm not a US citizen but I sure worry about Trump. Your poem should be read in all the places possible, same as the kids did in the 60's. BTW, kids are very active nowadays, all starting with Gretta. In my country they also participate in climate protests and so on.
Enjoyed, if that's the right word. Keep these poems coming, please!

"My soul is painted like the wings of butterflies; fairy tales of yesterday will grow but never die, I can fly, my friends.” – Freddie Mercury

I never knew Trump was this bad if not now and this Covid 19 propaganda and also the protest black lives matter, well to some of us here in Africa will think that Trump is cool president.
I like your poem, it also reminds me of our own President, President Buhari good as dead.
thanks for sharing.

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