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Dedicated to Omasilichi S. ObietaOmasilichi S. Obieta

Omasilichi; The beautiful goddess of Ídémílí river,
sorry, I mean, the beautiful goddess of Údé èlú ígwè cream.

Your honey name often melt
in my tongue like a cube sugar and ice cream.

You're one more than a million
twinkling stars in the sky.

You're more precious than diamond.
You're a 'magnet' to a diligent 'iron'.

You're the 'red palm oil' to thy mother
roasted 'white yam' in the calabash.

Wash your beautiful hands
and lick from this soup
of my poesy.

(c) Umeh Collins Ebube.

I specially barbecued this poem for you, happy birthday.

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